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Amatuermatch .com

My thoughts on Amatuermatch -

It the hottest site I’ve seen on the web. It’s got anything from big tits to Asians all in the most intimate of settings. If it weren’t for amatuermatch, I would probably be more productive. It’s one of those sites that you only need about 10 minutes on to get off, but you will always find yourself intrigued by something new and can find yourself on it for hours at a time. I think yesterday I clocked about 3 hours on there.

We all know sex sells, but there are so many other porn sites out there that have a ton of pop ups and cost a fortune. We’ve all grown accustomed to getting trapped in what I call a “pornado”. That’s when you are stuck in layers and layers of pop-ups and can’t get out. This is one of my favorite features of amatuermatch no pornadoes.

The other big thing I liked about amatuermatch .com is that it’s also a porn dating site. You can meet a chick in Japan and have online sex with her all night if that’s what you’re into. That makes it a little more personal when you can whip out the webcam and turn things up a few notches.

Many of you may be wondering why I’d write a review about this in the first place, and the reason is simple. I’ve considered myself a bit of a porn connoisseur for some time and been almost taken advantage of countless times. So many sites out there ask you to do a trial and submit your credit card info and you don’t really know if you can or can’t trust them. I wanted to start getting the word out there about sites which you can trust. We’re all adults here, so why shouldn’t we get the word out about good and bad adult sites the same way we would about other products?

So let me tell you about my first experience on the site. I was at home looking for a little special time, and I typed in some pretty crazy stuff in my search bar not knowing which websites would come up. Sure enough, amatuermatch .com was in the first few and I liked the name so I clicked on it. To be honest, I have had my top 3 adult sites for some time that I never get away from, but on this day I was feeling particularly adventurous. Anyways, so I clicked on it and gave it a shot. The thing I noticed right off the bat was that I could click on a video and see a video from their main page play for me without being redirected or getting asked to sign up. I love that because it’s so annoying when most sites do that! I even remember the first video I watched about a group of Asians but I won’t get into details.

I was so impressed with my first experience on the site that I actually went back the next day looking for a members section to sign up with. I know you’re probably wondering why since I just said the videos were free. Well, the big thing for me was the adult dating and video sharing feature. I am willing to pay a little extra for that. It was worth it, and now I’m actually dating a girl I met on there. I know it sounds crazy and I’m not getting my hopes up since, after all, we did meet on a sex site, but things look good so far. She’s about 2,000 miles away from me and maybe this site is what it took to find someone as kinky as me all the way across the US. What’s even more interesting is that I’d been planning on moving to her area for a few years and now if things work out we might even settle down and start a family. What’s hilarious is that it was all made possible through amatuermatch which is something I will never tell my parents.

My overall grade to this site is an A minus. It isn’t an A plus or standard A only because it didn’t show me anything spectacular that would warrant that grade. With all of that being said, amatuermatch has very sexy content and is put together in a way that is user friendly and not obtrusive. I am certainly a fan.